About Us

Peter - health and wellness nutritionHi, and welcome to my site – Uses Of Stem Cells.

My name is Peter and I have been interested in health and wellness nutrition for decades and now Science and Technology are opening opportunities for improving the quality of our Lives like never before.

Stem Cell research has been tested and verified and wonderful products are now available in the expanding health and wellness industry … let that sink in for a minute.

Health And Wellness Nutrition … We can help people to help others.

A rewarding experience shared by many. How does the saying go? “You’re only as young as you feel.”

Well I feel great surrounded by family and friends in a sub tropical environment; we grow Bananas, Chillies, Paw paw and vegies. Spending time with like-minded people is really satisfying, to be allowed into their lives and witness life-changing experiences. Memorable! “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.”

Previously I have been asked to open new markets and I am really excited to have the opportunity again to help people.

I hope this site and its links help you see the potential of Stem Cells and how it can help to make the most out of Every Day.