We all remember when we were young, when bumps, bruises and injuries healed really quickly. When you are thinking about body repair you are thinking about the Uses of Stem Cells.

A baby has adult stem cell circulation of 100% in their blood stream. When a child fractures a leg or has injuries and illnesses, they heal and repair quickly because their system of adult stem cell release into the blood stream is functioning at optimal levels. As we age, everything slows down. It takes longer for cuts and scrapes to heal, even longer to recover form coughs and colds. Part of the reason for this is that our adult stem cells are not released as efficiently from the bone marrow. Like a car or any other piece of equipment, over time our bodies begin to wear out. Stem cell nutrition is a way to maintain optimal health over time by maintaining optimal stem cell function (like when we were younger).

Scientific anti-aging research shows adult stem cell release rates from the bone marrow drop at an astonishing rate as we age, as per the following percentages:

  • 35 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 45%
  • 50 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 50%
  • 65 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 90% (leaving only 10% of adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream and this is when we need them the most to fight disease, sickness, and just plain ‘GETTING OLD”!)

uses of stem cells - cell renewal

The human body relies on adult stem cells in the bone marrow to repair damage and stay healthy. The vital role adult stem cells play in both health and disease is one of the greatest health discoveries of modern times. One of the causes of aging is less stem cells produced from our bone marrow. Other factors include exposure to various toxins, stress, oxidation, inflammation and hormone decline.

The decline of adult stem cells can lead to un-repaired damage in virtually any body part, leading to tissue breakdown, aging and loss of health.

So unless you have another body to move into you will need more Stem Cells.
The good news is it’s not too late to combat the aging process. By encouraging the production of more Stem Cells you will have

Your OWN Adult Stem cells to Look after you Every Day!

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