October 7, 2017

Uses of Adult Stem Cells

A friend of mine has turned his life around

by helping his body produce more Adult Stem Cells.

Many of us would be grateful if we could slow the aging process

but I have heard and seen too many wonderful life changing

experiences that make it so worth while to try these amazing

nutritional supplements that have years of research behind them.

Here is his story.

Adam – 44 years
I started using stem cell nutrition to see if it would help with my chronic back pain after a work related incident left me with a couple of bulging discs and some nerve compression in my spine. On top of that it had aggravated my degenerative disc disease and my whole lower back had degenerated as well. All up I have about 5 affected discs and my whole lower lumber was gone causing the chronic pain from both the work injury and degeneration from years of physically demanding work in the construction industry. After suffering for several years and practically being unemployable I spiralled into severe depression and anxiety also causing chronic fatigue ending up in emergency on suicide watch. I was put on more medication to combat my depression and anxiety as well as strong opioids for my chronic pain etc.
Well only a few weeks after being at the lowest point I have ever been in my life I was introduced to stem cell nutrition by a lovely lady after seeing a post on social media. So I thought at this point I am willing to give anything a go to help. That is when my life changed forever and until this day I am forever grateful.
Only after a couple of days I could feel my energy increasing and my depression lifting and I was actually starting to get some real sleep. I started just taking 2 capsules of StemEnhance once a day for two weeks and then upped it to 2 x StemEnhance twice a day and introduced 2 x PlasmaFlo once a day. Well only a couple of days later I had one of the most unexpected improvements to date, after losing my smell and most of my taste over 8 years ago I suddenly one afternoon realised that my smell had returned and with the weeks that followed my smell gradually became stronger and stronger as well as my taste. Now my sense of smell seems to be stronger than it ever was before I lost it. As well as this within the first month my wellness had improved to the point that my doctor had reduced my anti-depressants in half eventually stopping them all together.
Although it did take several months my chronic pain has subsided substantially, but I still suffer from some discomfort time to time but I do have days of hardly any pain at all which is just bliss. I still have to watch what I do these days as it can be aggravated when I over do things but all in all it is very bearable and I can at least now start to enjoy life once again and I am even going fishing occasionally with my son which was impossible before.
Oh and another major improvement which has helped my life is that I suffer from Hemochromatosis which means I have very high ferritin levels which affects all my organs as they get saturated with Iron which can lead to some major health problems. The only way to reduce these levels is by venesection (bloodletting) which for me was about 1 litre of blood every two to four months. There is no known cure for this and is something I have to control for the rest of my life. Since releasing more stem cells into my blood though my Iron levels dropped a lot quicker than what they usually do and finally got to a state where my levels where at a safe level. I haven’t had to do a venesection for ages now and my last blood test showed it had just risen slightly so it will be a lot longer before I have to get it done again.
A few other health related improvements are that since taking stem cell nutrition I have never had a cold or influenza which is fantastic as I use to be that person that if someone had something I would catch it and have even been hospitalised for pneumonia a couple of times as well as every time I would get sick my Asthma would get seriously bad. I am happy to say that I have not had any hint of Asthma since being on stem cell nutrition.
There are a few other things but I think you all get the point as to why I am so passionate about spreading the word about stem cell nutrition and making sure that as many people as possible have the chance to at least try the products for themselves and see what it can do for you. I know I will be taking the products for the rest of my life even when I am fit and healthy once again as I want to prevent any further illnesses in the future and maintaining optimum health and wellness is key to living a happier more fun loving life.


Adam experience is wonderful,

What will your experience be?

There is only one way to know, ..  Give it a go

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